If anyone knows me, they know that my favorite food is fish tacos! But what better way to enjoy tacos than in the place they’re originally from? Mexico! Over winter break I travelled to Los Cabos, Mexico and was able to indulge in delicious Mexican food on the daily. But my favorite was tacos from a small, yet big on flavor, place known as Tacos Gardenias. In the heart of Los Cabos and only a 5 minute walk from the Marina, Gardenias is a convenient and affordable location for tourists residing in nearby hotels.

During my vacation, this was my first stop after the hotel. I had just arrived, was hungry, and needed something close by to grab a bite. I used maps, found a place that was around a 5 minute walk from the hotel and set off from there. At first I actually missed it. I walked right by Gardenia’s and when I saw it the first thought that came into my head was “Am I really going to eat here?”. It looked like a small house if anything, not a highly rated restaurant. After trying their grilled shrimp taco, covered in their cabbage/carrot salad, and topped with their secret got sauce and crema, my immediate thought was “When am I going to come back again?”. After that, I ate at Gardenias at least everyday for the rest of my vacation. Their friendly staff and inviting atmosphere is a plus, their food is what you go back to Mexico again for.

The next dish I couldn’t leave Mexico without trying was Churro’s! I spent the entire vacation looking for the top place to try Churro’s but every time I was about to go or tried finding a location, something always happened. Finally, on the last night before coming back to California I stopped by Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina. It was a difficult location to find at first because I expected it to be a restaurant by the marina just like the rest we stopped by. However, to our surprise it ended up being a restaurant connected to a nearby hotel. And the best part? It was by the beach! Upon arrival, we were ushered to sit by the pool but were then given the choice to move by the beach, which we did. The bottom part of the restaurant was literally on the sand and the sound of the ocean nearby was to die for. Since it gets a little chilly at night, we were given blankets.

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I ordered the churros right away. They were fresh, warm, and came with a side of two sauces: chocolate and caramel. I indulged in the delicious warm churros, with a blanket on me, my feet in the sand, and the sound of the ocean waves right by my side. It was the perfect end to a great vacation.