Cafe Grillades

A few weeks back, I had family visiting us from Seattle and as usual, we took our tourists to the lovely San Francisco! We took them to Marin Headlands which is a hilly peninsula at the southernmost end of Marin County, California, United States, located just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects the two counties and peninsulas, and gives you a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco! After a long day of hiking and site seeing, there was only one thing left to do, EAT DINNER! So on our way back we stopped by Cafe Grillades, located in San Bruno. A small Algerian cafe that serves finger licking good food and huge portions of it too!  Continue reading


Livin’ Fajita Loca

On a rainy Friday a few days back, my friend and I were hungry, craving Mexican food, and ready to leave the house. So we set out to Pedro’s!  My friend had previously recommended it but I never had the chance to actually try it. Hidden between the Santa Clara Marriott, surrounding hotels, and Oracle, you’ll find a beautiful mansion-looking building which is actually the restaurant itself! The general aesthetic of both the outside and inside of the restaurant is to die for! It has both a homey and mid-evil times feel to it.  Continue reading

California Pizza Kitchen!

On a bright Saturday afternoon I had scheduled to meet up with a friend for lunch somewhere in Palo Alto. She had been volunteering at Kaiser near the Stanford Shopping Center and we decided to meet up there. Overwhelmed with the amount of options for locations to eat, we decided to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen!

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Ice-Ice Baby

I came across Recess Italian Ice because of my friends posting pictures of it on SnapChat! All I could think was “Damn I have to try this it looks delicious”. But pictures can hide 1000 flavors! The general aesthetic of the inside of the store was very pleasing and welcoming. The walls are white with black writing or covered with the Recess logo and the staff is friendly and welcoming! Continue reading


I’m always down for a delicious sandwich and there are so many basic deli’s and places that deliver the basics but there is nothing like sandwiches from The Sandwich Spot! As soon as you walk in you will know you are in for a great experience! Located in San Jose, the walls are decorated with the SJ Sharks and the music makes you want to dance as soon as you walk in! The staff will always greet you with a loud and proud “WELCOME” with a smile across their faces that will have you sold from the start!

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UC Davis Crepeville!

Among the very few places around UC Davis to grab lunch is Crepeville! It’s around a 5 minute drive from campus, and a 20 minute walk. But so worth it! I stopped here for brunch after playing soccer all morning and was beyond hungry by the time I had arrived. They serve all types of breakfast foods like sweet and savory Crepes, eggs and omelettes, sandwiches, bagels, and soups and salads! And their staff is super friendly!

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DONUT try this!

I was in UC Davis this weekend for a friendly soccer tournament and had a few hours of break until the next game so I decided it was time for a donut (because when isn’t it?). If you don’t know the Davis area too well, it’s somewhat dead in comparison to Downtown San Jose and San Francisco. It’s more of a suburb if anything with a very small downtown. Coincidently, the only two donut shops in the area were both open, but, HAD RAN OUT OF DONUTS. So I had somewhat brushed off the idea of getting any donuts for the day and went on to get coffee from a place called Temple Coffee Roasters.

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