Video Project

For this project, I used Adobe Creative Cloud-Premier, to create a video that was inspired by the popular Facebook and Youtube brand known as Tasty. For the first part of the video, I was by myself making a simple Quesadilla recipe. The transition I used throughout the entire video was Cross Dissolve. For the background music I used a “playful” song to give the video a fun vibe. For the parts of the video where my face wasn’t showing and I was demonstrating how to make the recipe itself, I muted the steps and used text over the clip instead.

For the second part of the video, I used my little sister for help. We were demonstrating how to make Rice Krispie treats and I felt that the recipes main audience for the most part would be mothers and children and its a recipe easy enough for children to make on their own as well. The video started with my sister and I introducing the channel itself then going into the equipment and ingredients needed to make the Rice Krispie treats. Again, I used text over the demonstration of recipe steps, and used the transition known as cross dissolve. The same background music was used and the video ended with a few blooper clips that were speeded through.