EDoc Project

For this assignment we used Adobe In-Design to create a brochure on a subtopic of our original topic. Since my topic was food, I thought it was only fair to create a brochure dedicated a cafe! I love discovering new cafe’s and trying out their non-coffee drinks (not a huge coffee person). I created 95 degree cafe! I used french cafe’s as an inspiration for this to create both a classy but rustic feel to the cafe as a whole.

The back side of the brochure was dedicated to coffee, mini-bites, and desserts that were served at the cafe. There were only 6 types of coffees offered to emphasize the goodness of the cafe’s coffee! Mini-bites ranged from small sandwiches, to salads. And desserts were small bakery items like brownies and cheesecakes, and other creative ones such as brownie sundaes and apple crisps.

I used two fonts throughout the entire brochure which were: Parissiene, and Amatic Small Caps. The Parissiene was used for titles, the address, and the cafe name to add that french rustic feel. Amatic small caps was used for descriptions, names of food/drink items, and prices, etc. to add that hipster and young feel touch to the cafe as a whole. I used three colors throughout the entire brochure which were: a dark chalky grey for the background, white for the writing, and a gold yellow for the writing to create a contrast.

The PDF for the brochure can be found here: 95 degree Cafe