I was in L.A a few days ago for a soccer tournament and when we had arrived and settled in the hotel, we noticed that there was a mall next to us. Bored, and with nothing to do for the rest of the day, we stopped by to check it out and take a small walk. That was when we noticed a sign for a crepe place called Creme De La Crepe, and of course, we stopped. The general atmosphere of the inside of the store was a rustic french Paris afternoon. They have multiple locations throughout the L.A. area but the one we stopped at was in Culver City. 

When we first walked in, the waiter handed us a menu that only seemed to have savory items. Their menu had lunch, dinner, but most importantly, DESSERT. Which is what we had originally walked in for. Their dessert menu had, you guessed it, crepes. Their were already pre-made crepe combinations, or you could create your own. I went ahead and ordered the Zidane Crepe, which was their homemade crepe stuffed with fresh strawberries, bananas, melted nutella, and vanilla ice cream and topped with more nutella and their homemade ice cream. It was delicious, light, chocolaty, and mixed with their ice cream, it was everything your sweet tooth could ask for.