Minne-SORTA too much food!

I was in Minnesota for my brothers engagement over the weekend, and as a tourist that I am, I had to try all the food places they had in the area, and I did exactly that. Our first stop was Holy Land, in Minneapolis. Featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. The store itself is separated into two, a super market and a restaurant. They have their own logo on all of their items because they make it themselves and use those in serving in the restaurant, like hummus, tahini, etc. We were a group of 6, so we ordered the Chef’s Choice combo which feed between 2-8 people based on your group size. The combo included: Hummus, Grape Leaves, Falafel, Mixed Pickles, Basmati Rice, Fresh Salad, Lamb Kebab, Kufta Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Kufta Kebab, Gyro/Chicken Gyro, and Dessert. Continue reading


Ice Cream Consumption- Globally!

The second infographic was also food based and was about the global annual ice cream consumption. The general background of the infographic was white. Each country was represented by an ice-cream cone. The United States for example, consuming the most ice cream annually, had an ice cream cone at the top and next to it was the amount of ice cream consumed per liter per person. Other countries were designed in the same way but were leveled in a way that showed which countries were at the top of annual consumption and which fell behind.


I was in L.A a few days ago for a soccer tournament and when we had arrived and settled in the hotel, we noticed that there was a mall next to us. Bored, and with nothing to do for the rest of the day, we stopped by to check it out and take a small walk. That was when we noticed a sign for a crepe place called Creme De La Crepe, and of course, we stopped. The general atmosphere of the inside of the store was a rustic french Paris afternoon. They have multiple locations throughout the L.A. area but the one we stopped at was in Culver City.  Continue reading


Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves a delicious burger, especially on difficult days where the only thing that might cure your blues is a delicious patty between two buns. And pair it with an order of bottomless fries? Red Robin is your next stop. Their burgers, bottomless fries, and custom made milkshakes will have you taste buds dancing in the middle of the restaurant.  Continue reading

Where’s your favorite food from?

For this assignment, I used www.easel.ly (Links to an external site.) to create an infographic that was related to- you guessed it!- FOOD. This infographic not only taught me how ignorant I was to the origins of popular foods, but also allowed me to get my creative juices flowing. I chose popular foods like: pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, coffee, sushi, ice-cream and tacos.I used a world map as the main backgrounds and then placed a small bubble icon with the food, its name, and the country’s name pointing to country where the food originally came from.