I was in Santa Cruz last night for a bonfire with a few friends but was about to drop dead from hunger, and as delicious as S’mores are, there’s always that craving in the back of your head and you’ll never be satisfied until you have it and mine was burgers! Who doesn’t love a good burger? That was when me and a few friends left the beach to try burger. Literally, the title is “burger.” And it lives up to its burger name!

I have passed by burger. multiple times before on my way to the beach through the streets of Santa Cruz, but never had I stopped to try it, and boy was that a mistake. The general aesthetic of the store from the inside is super punk rock. We walked in through the front door but did not know where to go to order at first. The first thing we went face to face with was the bar. But there was a sign that said “start” to indicate where to go to order so we followed the sign. The menu was burger galore! So many burger combinations to choose from it was overwhelming. There was even one stuffed with mac & cheese how does that not sound delicious! So I went ahead and ordered the original burger which was just a basic patty served with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and their special house sauce. I ordered it lettuce wrap style so I would have more space to sample more burgers. The burger was cooked to a perfect medium well (just how I like it) and came with a side of fries and was fairly cheap, only $7 for everything. Their secret sauce was also super delicious and had a thousand island feel to it.

We also ordered the Death Star burger which came with jalapeno aioli, bbq, an onion ring , and a pepper jack cheese cube on the inside. This was a HUUUUGE burger but was delicious.  I am not usually a fan of onion rings so I had to take that part out when I was sampling it, but it was definitely another burger worth trying. We ordered this with a side of their famous Slug fries which was a plate of shoestring fries topped with melted American cheese, house sauce and grilled onions. It was a cheesy beautiful mess.

The one burger that definitely caught my attention was the Johnny Marzetti. The description read ” house-made mac n’ cheese burger” and I was sold right then and there. The burger arrived and it was definitely much bigger than my mouth could handle. All I have to say is wow. wow. wow. Never thought that mac & cheese would actually work in a burger but it does. It was a regular style burger, the only difference was the inside was oozing mac & cheese. I wish the macaroni used was a bit different but that would be my only complaint.

P.S. Go here on a very very very empty stomach!