Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There is nothing I crave more sometimes than a delicious bar of chocolate and bowl of strawberries to go with it. And what better than to have the strawberries dipped in delicious mouth watering chocolate from Godiva! Every time I’m walking down the walkways of Westfield Valleyfair across Santana Row, the aroma of the Godiva store always captures both my nose and heart!

The chocolate covered strawberry cones put on display always make me do a double take and force me to ruin both my diet and self control. I walk in to the store and grab a quick cone and use it as a shopping snack as I continue my retail therapy for the month. The strawberries are always the perfect size and the chocolate perfectly coats the strawberry so that you have the perfect bite with just enough strawberry and chocolate in one bite. Sometimes the strawberry can be eaten in just one big bite! But that ruins the fun of enjoying this delicacy no? Always, and I repeat ALWAYS stop by Godiva and grab a chocolate covered strawberry cone to walk with you as you do your shopping the next time you’re at the mall. You won’t regret it whatsoever. You can also check out other chocolate delicacies that Godiva sells as well like their chocolate covered bananas and hot chocolate.