Ice-Ice Baby

I came across Recess Italian Ice because of my friends posting pictures of it on SnapChat! All I could think was “Damn I have to try this it looks delicious”. But pictures can hide 1000 flavors! The general aesthetic of the inside of the store was very pleasing and welcoming. The walls are white with black writing or covered with the Recess logo and the staff is friendly and welcoming!

At first glance at the menu, I was genuinely confused. I didn’t, and to this day have no idea what I ordered. I thought I was going to walk in and order crazy gelato flavors of some sort but that was not what had happened. I ordered the Snickers gelato which was:¬†Chocolate Nutella ice, topped with chocolate custard, and then topped with peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel sauce, and ended off with a crunchy topping of peanuts. It tasted very normal there was nothing that stood out from first bite. Come to the second bite where my spoon had dug into the “Chocolate/Nutella Ice” and I was in shock. It was the weirdest texture and flavor I had ever put in my mouth. It was a mixture of shaved ice topped off with some sort of chocolate syrup. Was NOT tasty at all to the point where I had actually taken out the middle part of my cup that had the ice in it and just eaten everything else.

My friend, ordered the cookies and cream cup and had the same experience with the ice. It was also chocolate/Nutella flavored and she ended up taking it out of her cup of ice cream because it just was not flavorful whatsoever. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this place but then again it could just be my choice of flavors. But I haven’t been back since!