I’m always down for a delicious sandwich and there are so many basic deli’s and places that deliver the basics but there is nothing like sandwiches from The Sandwich Spot! As soon as you walk in you will know you are in for a great experience! Located in San Jose, the walls are decorated with the SJ Sharks and the music makes you want to dance as soon as you walk in! The staff will always greet you with a loud and proud “WELCOME” with a smile across their faces that will have you sold from the start!

Their menu is colorful and filled with so many options. Every sandwich includes: mayo, mustard, secret sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and peppers. You also get to pick the type of bread you want your sandwich in. I find myself ordering either The Monarch Madness or The Gold Rush every time I go. The Monarch Madness consists of: marinated chicken, hot sauce, bomb sauce, and pepper jack cheese and I like to put it all between a crunchy toasted dutch crunch loaf. It is beyond fantastic and the warm chicken blends beautifully with the melted cheese between the crunchy bread. The bomb and hot sauce mixed together also adds a beautiful mix of both spicy and tangy and brings the entire sandwich together.

The Gold Rush is what I’d go for if I am in the mood to get dirty and use plenty of tissues. The Gold Rush consists of: hot roast beef, BBQ sauce, and Monterey Jack cheese. The hot roast beef mixed with the BBQ sauce is TO DIE FOR! They both compliment each other beautifully and the flavors blend into each other to give you everything you wish for in a sandwich! I like to order the Gold Rush on sourdough bread because the sweetness of both the BBQ sauce and the roast beef needs something to offset it and it always pairs perfectly! If you’re looking for a delicious sandwich for lunch, your next stop is The Sandwich Spot!