UC Davis Crepeville!

Among the very few places around UC Davis to grab lunch is Crepeville! It’s around a 5 minute drive from campus, and a 20 minute walk. But so worth it! I stopped here for brunch after playing soccer all morning and was beyond hungry by the time I had arrived. They serve all types of breakfast foods like sweet and savory Crepes, eggs and omelettes, sandwiches, bagels, and soups and salads! And their staff is super friendly!

The line was somewhat long when we arrived but not too long that we could not get a table! I ordered the caprese salad with a grilled chicken breast sandwich and ended it off with a Nutella strawberry crepe. The grilled chicken breast was served with pesto, melted provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. It was warm, the cheese melted beautifully on top of the perfectly cooked chicken breast and all fit beautifully in the toasted baguette. And the caprese salad was a great refreshing side to the sandwich. My favorite salad is a caprese salad and very few places tend to offer it. But the mix of mozzarella with tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette gets me every time.

My friend ordered a savory California crepe and was more than pleased with it as well! If you’re in Davis and looking for a pit stop for breakfast/lunch/brunch, Crepeville is your next stop!