DONUT try this!

I was in UC Davis this weekend for a friendly soccer tournament and had a few hours of break until the next game so I decided it was time for a donut (because when isn’t it?). If you don’t know the Davis area too well, it’s somewhat dead in comparison to Downtown San Jose and San Francisco. It’s more of a suburb if anything with a very small downtown. Coincidently, the only two donut shops in the area were both open, but, HAD RAN OUT OF DONUTS. So I had somewhat brushed off the idea of getting any donuts for the day and went on to get coffee from a place called Temple Coffee Roasters.

The ambience was very inviting. Super simple wooden tables and chairs and succulents placed as center pieces on each table. To my surprise, THEY SOLD DONUTS! From excitement, I forgot to read the description of each but went ahead and ordered two donuts. Later, to my surprise, I found out they were soy, gluten free, AND vegan donuts. I had heard so many things about donuts under this type of description but never expected it to taste that bad to be honest. I’ve had vegan food before and gluten free. I would prefer gluten free over vegan food any day. But then again, nothing can compare to the taste of a fluffy, freshly glazed regular donut.

The flavors turned out to be chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache, and the other was a blueberry donut topped with a lemon glaze and chia seeds. The texture itself from the start was off. It was very dense and squishy when I picked it up and didn’t feel like a donut I’d had before. The taste? It tasted like a really heavy chocolate/blueberry cake. It was not the texture or taste of a donut whatsoever and I was genuinely disappointed once again in my vegan/gluten free experience. Next time I’ll just hang on to my donut craving and grab a Krispy Kreme on my way back.