My all time favorite dessert and go to when I’m having a strong sweet tooth craving is always ice cream! And ice cream itself can come in different shapes and sizes which is the beauty of it. So when I heard about a place that everyone was raving about that makes ice cream into rolls, I knew I had to try it. So, I headed out to Icicles. Located in downtown Willow Glen, the store itself is difficult to find during daylight, but at night, the long line wrapping around the tiny door and shining lights will have you doing a double take! I was genuinely discouraged  by the long line when I had first arrived. “Is it really worth standing in line for an hour just for ice cream?” was the only thought going through my head. I ended up standing in line for 2 hours until it was finally my turn! The store itself is very small from the inside and there’s only one bench for people to sit on so I had to stay standing.

I ordered the Nutella and Chill ice cream roll and was more than pleased with it! The ice cream rolls are made right in front of you and are made by pouring milk onto a frozen plate and constantly mixing until the ice cream reaches an ice-cream like consistency, and the rest of the ingredients are mixed into the milk. From then, the ball of ice cream is flattened into a square and a spatula like tool is used to push the ice cream forward into rolls. Finally, UNLIMITED TOPPINGS!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Icicles offers a long list of unlimited toppings to add to your rolls aside from the already existing ingredients. This can range from different fruits like strawberries and bananas, to smothering your rolls in Nutella, to a torched marshmallow on a pretzel stick! And even after these toppings, there’s a small table on the side with crunchy toppings and different cereals that you can still add on to your ice cream rolls if you feel like your toppings weren’t enough! Have I sold you on the idea yet? I’ve come back three times after this to order the same thing and I’m never disappointed! Aside from the long line, you get your money and times worth afterwards!