I’m always down for a delicious sandwich and there are so many basic deli’s and places that deliver the basics but there is nothing like sandwiches from The Sandwich Spot! As soon as you walk in you will know you are in for a great experience! Located in San Jose, the walls are decorated with the SJ Sharks and the music makes you want to dance as soon as you walk in! The staff will always greet you with a loud and proud “WELCOME” with a smile across their faces that will have you sold from the start!

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UC Davis Crepeville!

Among the very few places around UC Davis to grab lunch is Crepeville! It’s around a 5 minute drive from campus, and a 20 minute walk. But so worth it! I stopped here for brunch after playing soccer all morning and was beyond hungry by the time I had arrived. They serve all types of breakfast foods like sweet and savory Crepes, eggs and omelettes, sandwiches, bagels, and soups and salads! And their staff is super friendly!

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DONUT try this!

I was in UC Davis this weekend for a friendly soccer tournament and had a few hours of break until the next game so I decided it was time for a donut (because when isn’t it?). If you don’t know the Davis area too well, it’s somewhat dead in comparison to Downtown San Jose and San Francisco. It’s more of a suburb if anything with a very small downtown. Coincidently, the only two donut shops in the area were both open, but, HAD RAN OUT OF DONUTS. So I had somewhat brushed off the idea of getting any donuts for the day and went on to get coffee from a place called Temple Coffee Roasters.

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My all time favorite dessert and go to when I’m having a strong sweet tooth craving is always ice cream! And ice cream itself can come in different shapes and sizes which is the beauty of it. So when I heard about a place that everyone was raving about that makes ice cream into rolls, I knew I had to try it. So, I headed out to Icicles. Located in downtown Willow Glen, the store itself is difficult to find during daylight, but at night, the long line wrapping around the tiny door and shining lights will have you doing a double take! Continue reading


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetOn a cold winter rainy day the only thing I want to do is curl up in a blanket and have a hot bowl of soup while watching one of my favorite movies. And Pho Hoa makes my wishes come true! I had tried Pho before but had had a very negative experience so I was super skeptical about trying it again when my friend suggested getting it for lunch. However, I had a much better experience when I went to Pho-Hoa. The previous Pho places I tried were very unsanitary, had horrible customer service, and overall didn’t give me an experience that made me want to go back and try it again. Continue reading


Sno-Crave! Just as the name says, you will crave more once you have tried it. The first time I tried Sno-Crave was on a whim after I’d had dinner with my friends. One had said she knew this amazing dessert place that served all types of things and we had to try. So we set out to Sno-Crave! They have multiple locations throughout Milpitas, San Jose, and Fremont. Continue reading