Battle of the Popsicles

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOn a hot Spring/Summer day, the one thing everyone is looking for is a nice popsicle or a bowl of ice cream to munch on! In San Jose there are two places that can deliver on the popsicle promise, not only can you pick different flavors of popsicle gelato sticks, but you can add delicious toppings on top to top it off! (pun intended) Milk & Wood and PopBar are up and coming hot locations for nearby college and high school students. 

Milk & Wood is located in Downtown San Jose both near San Jose State University and Notre Dame High School. At first, it is easy to miss. It is located inside what some people might describe as a food court of some sort. It’s a small counter with one or two people working and around 10 popsicle flavors to choose from ranging from green tea kitkat to thai tea. Their toppings include different cereal crunches, nutella, chocolate syrup, and caramel. You can add however many toppings you want after choosing your popsicle flavor and the total comes out to a standard $5. Somewhat decent price for both the popsicle and the number of toppings you pick. However, the popsicle is somewhat small, and their choices for popsicle flavors are limited, so if you don not like the choices available (which tend to be an interesting mix of flavors such as green tea, or thai tea), then this is not your next gelato stop!
The second location similar to Milk & Wood that makes gelato popsicle sticks is Popbar! Popbar is almost an identical Milk & Wood store that offers gelato sticks, and you’re allowed to add different toppings on top. The only difference is the amount of popsicle flavors you’re allowed to choose from at Popbar. They have a much wider, and more common variety of flavors ranging from simple ones like hazelnut or fruit flavors like strawberry, to green tea as well. The popsicles are a tad bigger and the toppings are almost the same as Milk & Woods. Basic cereal crumbles or The total comes out to between $5-$6. However, I liked the staff a lot more and found that parking wasn’t as difficult as finding one in downtown.

If I had to go back to one I’d probably pick Popbar over Milk & Wood just because the flavors appealed to me more and felt that the environment in general was a lot nicer! In general though, I think both are somewhat overhyped and overpriced for what they offer.